The Films of my Life

From August 3rd to September 3rd, 2017

The Théâtre Outremont is returning to its roots with Les films de ma vie|The Films of My Life. For this journey back in time, Raymond Cloutier has called upon Roland Smith, Mr. Repertory Cinema himself, who ran this mythical theatre for 20 years, developing an entire generation of film-lovers.

Known and renowned in the last century as the forerunner of rep houses, the Théâtre Outremont will return to its former vocation. In the comfort of the air-conditioned big hall during the entire month of August, 45 repertory films will be shown on DCP in their original versions (with French subtitles): 80 screenings in all, 3 per day.

It’s therefore imperative for Raymond Cloutier to present these masterpieces on the big screen. Many of them are unavailable on any support and must absolutely be seen. Roland Smith tracked them down at distributors from all over, restored and often unreleased copies will build The Films of My Life program.

Program available on July 18th, 2017.