Zal Sissokho – Kora flamenca | Vision Diversité

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 8:00 PM

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petit Outremont

It was during a trip to Seville that Zal Sissokho, fascinated by the playing techniques of the musicians met in Andalusia, wanted to create a music that would marry both this flamenco and the Mandingo culture of Africa of the West from which he came.
During a creation residency at the Center des musicians du monde in 2018, he called upon Caroline Planté, a musician with more than twenty-five years of experience as a composer, soloist and performer, in addition to being the one of the few women to play the flamenco guitar professionally. Miguel Medina on percussions and Jean Félix Mailloux on double bass have also been added to the project, in a desired intimate and acoustic formation.
Through this creation, the artist wanted to push the limits of his instrument as much as possible: the kora. Inspired by the surges of improvisation specific to the flamenco guitar, he aimed to create a hybrid style where the traditional playing technique of the kora merged with the influences of flamenco. This is how works with mixed sounds between Spain and Senegal were born, where the specificities as well as the versatility of the different stringed instruments are honored.