Traversée — Voyageurs immobiles

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Regular $29 
Elders and students $24

Service fee and taxes included

Main Venue

Theater for 9 year olds and more.
In french and Quebec Sign language.

Present by the Conseil des arts de Montréal tour.

“Youmna is beautiful. She is gentle. Youmna is goof and she smells like the wind. Youmna is not my mother and I would like her to be. Youmna’s ears don’t work. She was born like that. Youmna is teaching me her language. And this language belongs only to us. I like this. My name is Nour. Youmna say that I am the Nour of her eye, even if her tummy never carried me.”

Nour takes us though the perilous journey that has brought her here, drawn by the promise of a better place to live. There is nothing that Nour doesn’t share with Youmna. Yet one day Nour will have to leave Youmna. She knows it. Ahead lie the dangers of the voyage, and most of all the pain of separation: how can she bear to leave Youmna, the deaf woman who loves her like a daughter? Dressed as a boy and with unknown smugglers to take her across borders, the young girl tears herself away taking nothing with her but a mysterious little box. She leaves for a country where she can eat until she’s full, where girls can go to school and where her real mother is waiting. Going Through is a tale of exile, of unconscious legacies, of inner journeys, of separation and of necessary reconstruction.

Text Estelle Savasta | Staging Milena Buziac | Music Diane Labrosse | Scenography Khadija Baker | Casting Florence Blain Mbaye and Jennifer Manning.

55 min


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Photo Patricia Voumard