Tom Sawyer | Théâtre Advienne que pourra (Report du spectacle du 12 mai 2020)

Monday, February 8, 2021 at 1:30 PM

$13,50 (elementary)

$19,50 (secondary)

Service fee and taxes included

Plateau de la Grande salle

9-14 years old

70 minutes


Theater. From 9 to 14 years old. 65 minutes. Themes: Adventure | Camaderie | Bravery

This free adaptation of Mark Twain's classic takes you to the southern United States, on the banks of the mythical Mississippi River, to meet a unique hero: Tom Sawyer! A mischievous and rebellious boy who wants to forge his place in the world while upsetting the established order.

In the company of his faithful friend Huckleberry Finn, his flame Becky Thatcher, his kind Aunt Polly, his malicious cousin Sid, and all the colorful and endearing characters of the small town of St. Petersburg, Tom will live a thousand and one adventures through which he will make us hear the true word of childhood. A word full of urgency and questions. A word by which dreams are constantly mixed with reality. A word that jostles, that challenges, which requires adults at all costs to see things differently.

Tom Sawyer is a story of funny and touching adventures, a tender and playful homage to the joys and torments of childhood, a poetic tale tinged with light and shadow. A true ode to courage, loyalty, friendship, freedom!

Production of the Théâtre Advienne that will be able, created in collaboration with the trailer of Paul Buissonneau of the city of Saint-Gabriel, the School and the arts and the House of Mercier culture.

Adaptation and staging: Philippe Robert | Cast: Simon Beaulé-Bulman, Pamela Dumont, Gabriel Lemire and Sebastien Rene | Costumes: Sarah Balleux | Decor and Accessories: Francis Farley-Lemieux | Music: Ludovic Bonnier | Lighting: Josée Fontaine Rubi | Régie: Camille Laurin-Pilon | Production coordination: Josée Fontaine Rubi and Audrey Janelle

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