Scolaire | UNFOLD | 7 perspectives | Le Carré des Lombes

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 9:00 PM

Regular: $27.50 

Student, 65 years old and +: $23.50

Scolar group: $18.50

Redevance et taxes incluses

Main Venue

14 years and +

80 minutes

Danse. 14 years old and +. Themes : Splitting | Words damaged | Entering relationship

Danièle Desnoyers tests the resistance of the body and the limits of balance. Magnetic and powerful, UNFOLD / 7 perspectives captivates with its finesse and its furious energy.

The body opens up, closes shut, is short-circuited. The voice stammers, gasps, is fragmented. Trembling and falling off balance are all part of this three-stage piece for seven high-calibre dancers. Together they seek unison as they struggle in search of identity. Long known for her very fluid style, Danièle Desnoyers has chosen a new angle here as she plays with splintered movement and makes trembling visible. Echoes of fractured humans, body and voice broken, disintegrated.

Vibrating to the sounds and rough-edged music by the composer Ben Shemie, UNFOLD | 7 perspectives combines an apocalyptic atmosphere with moments of sweetness and refined sensuality. Making use of a surprising stage structure, Desnoyers tests the resistance of the body and the limits of balance. A powerful, magnetic duel between the forces at play in the dynamics of harmony, the piece captivates with its finesse and furious energy.


Art Direction and Choreography Danièle Desnoyers | Interpretation Myriam Arseneault + Paige Culley + Jean-Benoit Labrecque-Gilbert + Louis-Elyan Martin + Milan Panet-Gigon + Nicolas Patry + Brontë Poiré-Perst | MusicBen Shemie | Scenography Geneviève Lizotte | Costumes and Makeup Angelo Barsetti | Lighting Gonzalo Soldi / HUB Studio | Dramaturgy Guy Cools | Artistic look Sophie Corriveau + Anne Thériault | Rehearsal DirectionEmmanuelle Bourassa-Beaudoin | Production Management Martin Boisjoly | Technical Direction and Lighting Control Hubert Leduc-Villeneuve | Sound and sound management Benoit Chaignon | Dressmaker Ève-Lyne Dallaire | Video documentation Marjorie de Chantal

Coproduction Festival TransAmériques

With the support of the Faculty of Arts + UQAM Dance Department + Quebec Research Fund - Society and Culture Creative Residences Banff Arts Center + Montpellier Dance - Agora, International Dance City + Armunia - Castello Pasquini ( Castiglioncello) + Circuit-East choreographic center

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