Scolaire | Nordicité | Théâtre Incliné

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 1:30 PM

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 8:00 PM

$18,50 per person

Service fee and taxes included

Main Venue

14 years old and +

50 minutes

Theater. 14 years old and +. 50 minutes. Topics: North | Territory | Visual theater

First show of the Nordic cycle, Nordicity is a quest. Through an intimate testimony, a nomadic artist reveals his encounter with the north and his vertigo in the face of this immensity that she could not capture. A visual poem in which video projection, objects, music, theater and dance intertwine, it is an invitation to travel between myths and realities and a reflection on our ability to understand the voices of the North.


Text: José Babin in collaboration with Pascal Brullemans | Director: José Babin | Artistic Advisor (Quebec): Francine Alepin | Performers: Mélanie Chouinard, Bryan Morneau and José Babin | Video Design and Design: Kalle Nio | Music: Guido Del Fabbro | Puppets, costumes and staging assistance: Émilie Racine | Lighting and Technical Direction: Alexandra Dugal | Seamstress: Charline Guay | Production of the decor: Atelier 303 and Alain Lavallée | Artistic Advisor (Norway): Bente Andersen | Scientific Advisor (Denmark): Daria Schwalbe | Production Direction: Cynthia Bouchard-Gosselin and Alain Lavallée | Régie: Patrice Daigneault and Vincent Santes | Performing Artists: José Babin, Marc-André Goulet and Nadine Walsh

We thank our partners The Cole Foundation and W.J. Jones. Thanks to Preben Faye-Schjoll, Jan Geir-Ove Andersen, Jan Erik Skarby. This show has benefited from a creative residency at the Nordland Visual Theater and the Maison des Arts de Laval.


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