Scolaire | Le grenier des Molinari | Jeunesses Musicales Canada

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 10:00 AM

$10,50 per child (+ taxes)

Main Venue

2-5 years old | 35 minutes

6-12 years old | 55 minutes

Music. 2-5 years old | 35 minutes and 6-12 years old | 55 minutes.

Sebastian lives with his grandfather, who is a great admirer of Québec artist Guido Molinari. He has collected so many of Molinari’s paintings that the whole house is bursting, right up to the attic! Afraid that as he ages, his grandfather won’t be able to see Molinari’s bright colours, Sebastian decides invite three musicians to join him in the attic to help translate Molinari’s paintings into music. Set against colorful video projections, this concert offers some keys to understanding and appreciating masterworks in the modern repertoire for string quartet. At the same time, audiences will discover one of Canada’s greatest painters.


A JMC co-production with the Molinari Quartet

ARTISTS QUATUOR MOLINARI Olga Ranzenhofer and Antoine Bareil, violin Frédéric Lambert, viola Pierre-Alain Bouvrette, cello TEXT AND DIRECTION Véronique Marcotte SCENOGRAPHY Maryse Messier VIDEO PROJECTIONS Marc-Olivier Comeau COSTUMES Jolène Morin LIGHTING Daniel Duguay

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