Scolaire | En plein dans l'oeil | Alcoléa (NOUVEAU!)

Monday, February 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM

$12.50 per person

Service fee and taxes included

Main venue

From 5 years old

65 minutes

Music and cinema. 65 minutes. From 5 years old.


Created by Jean-François Alcoléa, the In-the-Eye Cine-Concert is composed of 12 films representative of the genius of Georges Méliès, pioneer of the 7th art. Three musicians, in symbiosis with the image and using a multitude of sometimes surprising instruments, bring to life a show, on stage as on screen, of an inventiveness that echoes the creativity of Méliès. Poetic and playful, In the eye is aimed at children, teenagers and adults alike.


Conception, musical compositions and sound creation, keyboard, piano frame, melodica, objects: Jean-François Alcoléa Drums, guitar: Fabrice Favriou or Julien Grolleau Sound, keyboard, percussion, objects: Stéphane Brunet Light and video: Noémie Mancia or Eric Seldubuisson With the collaboration of Claire Bergerault (voice), Alain-Bernard Billy (light), Guillaume Habrias (guitar), Laurent Meunier (video dressing), Régis Roudie (outside look), Sophie Burgaud and Daniel Péraud (construction, scenery) Video capture : Alain Chasseuil and Batiste Combret

Production: PASOA - Alcoléa & cie Partnership: Lobster Films, The Cinémathèque Française, Pianos Shades, Jazz in Poitiers, La Rotative - Maison des Projets (86), La M3Q (86), La Caravelle (33) With the support of Poitou Charentes Cinema - Pole of Education Image, the Region of New Aquitaine, the Department of Vienna, the DRAC for cultural actions, the city of Poitiers, SPEDIDAM, ADAMI

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