Scolaire | Chante Edmond! | Sacré Tympan

Monday, April 20, 2020 at 10:00 AM

$12.50 per child

Service fee and taxes included

Main Venue

5 years old and +

55 minutes

Music. 5 years old and +. 55 minutes. Themes: Find your way / voice | Father / son relations | To define oneself outside the family unit

Edmond, a boy who loves to sing but whose father does not agree with this path, abandons him near the forest. Edmond will then meet many animals that will help him to affirm his ... way / voice.


Renaud Paradis alternates with another singer: tenor in the role of Edmond Claudine Ledoux: mezzo-soprano (mother, bird and fox) Pierre Rancourt: baritone (father, moose and bear) Pierre Labbé: soprano and baritone saxophone, flute Guillaume Martineau: piano François Jalbert: guitar

Music: Pierre Labbé Text: Simon Boulerice Directed by: Philippe Boutin Assistant director: Juliette Dumaine Costumes and scenography: Leilah Dufour-Forget Puppets: Leihla Dufour-Forget and Isabelle Chrétien Lighting: Leticia Hamaoui Production Direction: Simon Beetschen

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