Manu Bilodeux - Dans le pétrin | Emmanuel Bilodeau

Thursday, February 3, 2022 at 8:00 PM

$40 per person 

Service fee and taxes included

Grande Salle

In this 2nd show, we find Manu, our oldest beginner comedian, over the mid-fifties, overwhelmed by a too active life at home and above all stunned by a world unable to settle the major planetary issues!
He would have liked to become a politician to change this world, but instead he became a “professional stammerer” playing like never “with” and “on” words!
Always so excited to be alive, sometimes light and silly, sometimes philosopher and somber, critic of his contemporaries, Montrealer hurt by the shortage of Mason jars (!!!) and the virus of an island (??!), Manu offers us a sensitive and lucid look at this decade which is starting out wrong, at the same time as an unbridled portrait of his life as an old young dad of 4 children (that's too much!) whose future has never seemed so uncertain!
We will know the whole story behind the surprise pre-pandemic arrival of the youngest, an atomic bomb. He is sure to have a surge of milk on sugar and on food in general, taking full charge of his orthorexia. All done while baking on stage! Because it's all well and good to go on tour, but you have to continue to prepare lunches for the next day ...