Les origines du Bing Bang | Jeunesses Musicales Canada

Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 11:00 AM

$11 per person

Service fee and taxes included

Main Venue

6 to 12 years old

55 minutes

Coussins croissants series 
Trace the evolution of rhythms through musical traditions from around the world!
It's a big day for Marton and Bruno, the two percussionist buddies. The former has an audition on drums the same day and must be able to play a variety of rhythms from different parts of the world; the second takes part in a large multicultural parade and does not know which instruments to choose because there are so many possibilities. Both will brainstorm very intensely in front of our eyes… and in our ears! They will explore all kinds of percussion - cajón, claves, surdo, bodhran, djembé - and all kinds of countries and regions of the world - Peru, Brazil, Cuba, Ireland, the United States, Africa… without forget about Quebec! At the end of this colorful day, where everyone is looking for their own rhythm, how will Marton and Bruno reach their goals?
Finalist for the 23rd Opus Awards in the Production of the Year - Young Audience category
ARTISTS Marton Maderspach and Bruno Roy, percussions DIRECTION Alain Gauthier TEXT Pascal Blanchet SCENOGRAPHY Pierre-Luc Boudreau