Le vieil homme et la rivière | WeeFestival de Toronto

Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 4:00 PM

$16 per person

Service fee and taxes included

Grande Salle

3 years old and +

30 minutes

Presented with Casteliers
Puppets without words. Topics covered: nature, old age, friendship
A grumpy old man lives in a small house in the forest, by a river. His days follow each other and look the same, and that suits him perfectly. One day, a fantastic creature appears in the stream where he is fishing. Fearful, but still intrigued, he will let himself be tamed. Because by accepting change and daring to take a step towards the other - open mind and heart - the most unexpected encounters can turn into grandiose moments.
Including moments of interaction with the audience, before and after the performance, this wordless puppet show comes to life with its enchanting musical score. Like in a storybook, we dive into a world where rivers sing, where trees laugh, and where very curious dragonflies visit us. Exploring the themes of friendship, communication, play and adaptation to change, The Old Man and the River is a gentle way to familiarize yourself with the magic of theater.
A production of the WeeFestival
Creation: Lynda Hill and Thomas Morgan Jones | Based on a story by Thomas Morgan Jones | Concept, dramaturgy and direction: Lynda Hill | Original production concept: Kelly Wolf | Original music: Nicky Phillips | Lighting design: Jennifer Lennon | Puppet design: Mike Petersen and Eric Woolf | Performers: Michelle Urbano, Derek Kwan, Alexandra Montagnese and Andrew Young | Stage manager: Tamara Vuckovic