Lavanya Narasiah | Projet Dharani

Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 8:00 PM

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Grande Salle

The Dharani Project, which means land in the Sanskrit language of India is a reflection of the story of Lavanya, daughter of immigrants from India, who grew up in Sherbrooke, in a melting pot of cultures through music. Quebecois, North American and Latin, while having the privilege of a rich exposure to its Indian heritage by learning the song and classical ballet of South India.
This project was born from a precious collaboration between musicians of diverse roots, living in Quebec. A unique interbreeding show between Indian melodies, carried by Lavanya's voice, which meet the double bass, the West African kora and the guitar, all on a play of colorful rhythms between Indian and Afro-Caribbean percussions!
The Dharani project was the recipient of 4 Coups de cœur within the framework of MUZ, produced by Vision Diversité in 2018. Thanks to the Coup de cœur d'Ici Musique, they recorded in Studio 12 of Radio-Canada several new songs for their album live, some of which will be premiered during this evening!