La Petite fille aux oiseaux | Théâtre à l'envers

Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 11:00 AM

$11 per person

Service fee and taxes included

Main Venue

5 years old and +

45 minutes

Visual poetry of shadows and music. Main themes: creativity, self-confidence, search for one's own way
The tale of La Petite fille aux oiseaux is a metaphor illustrating the beauties and pitfalls of the creative process. A little girl is swinging in her garden, when suddenly she hears the cry of a mysterious bird which leads her to enter the hollow of an old tree where she will descend into a secret cave. This is where she will discover a fabric bag. The latter fills with birds as she tries to bring him home, outside the maze of roots, which she must cross to find the exit. At first fragile fledglings of dust, they soon become fiery and wild birds, sometimes frightening, just begging to be released and listened to in order to fly away. The child tries to let go of the bag, but the further she goes, the more the cries of the birds seem to beg her to stay. The frightened girl sings to herself, soothing the birds at the same time. Taking her courage in both hands, the child will follow her intuition and let herself be guided by the cry of a single bird which will lead her towards the exit and towards a great flight ...
Ideation Oriane Smith, Julia Derdour, Patricia Bergeron Author Oriane Smith Directed by Patricia Bergeron Assistant director Audrey-Maude Blais-Gallant Puppeteer performers Patricia Bergeron, Aurélia Badulescu Set design and shadow silhouettes Julia Derdour Scenographic and lighting design Sara Sabourin Musical design and soundscapes Oriane Smith Illustrations Riverjune Videographer Nick Jewell Digital design Francis Drouin Resource person in shadows and image writing Marcelle Hudon
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