La légende de Barbe d’Or | Les Fabulateurs

Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 11:00 AM

$11 per person

Service fee and taxes included

Grande Salle

6 to 10 years old

60 minutes

Musical theater.Themes addressed: forgiveness, family, pirates
Determined to take revenge on a sea that threw him back on the shore of a volcanic island, the Manipulpe - a being half-man, half-shark - will do everything in his power to ensure terror reigns over the waters. With the help of his army of pirates, he terrorizes the seas until a little bearded baby like no other comes to oppose his rule. But how will this new genre hero go about defeating an entire legion with a single rose on his belt? What if pirates could be nice? The legend of Goldenbeard sets sail for a universe that unites wacky characters, bearded children and a larger-than-life hero. A pirate with a tender heart and a golden beard, who prefers
peace in the great sword fights. With jazz-beat songs and absurd humor, this epic brings together and arouses the imagination of young and old!
Text and direction Marc-André Berthold, Simon-Pierre Lambert Lighting design Marie-Aube St-Amant Duplessis Scenography Christine Plouffe Assistant director and costumes Véronique Gallant Interpretation Marc-André Berthold, Simon-Pierre Lambert, Christian David Musical composition Marc-André Berthold Musical arrangement Christian David