La démonstration sans public(que) | L'Académie de danse d’Outremont

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at midnight

Presented in webcast

Regular : 20 $
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Grande Salle

Since March 13, 2020 ... in the studio, online or outdoors, the practice of dance has continued throughout the pandemic to finally be able to shine on stage again!
The Outremont Dance Academy (ADO) has a habit of ending its odd academic years with public demonstrations where the emphasis is on training and technical movement work. The event, presented without costume or specific theme, sometimes accompanied by the teacher, shows the participants in excerpts from classes, interpretation, creation, improvisation and choreography from various repertoires.
The public demonstration… without an audience, recorded on May 30, offers the unique experience of rediscovering the space of artistic practice: the stage, while during the pandemic the dancers were deprived of their places of work. Making this show a reality honors the work of students, teachers and invited dancers who will end with short Drop in - Open stage presentations. The events related to the health crisis made it possible for everyone to realize that the recreational sector is part of the professional dance chain and remains a real breeding ground for artists or spectators in the making, amateurs. of arts… all art combined.
Nothing will replace living art, but digital technology offers us an act of resistance, to come together and share a moment of beauty. Dear confined audience, the stage with dancers and good show!
Note: Montreal Red Zone
In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Outremont Dance Academy (ADO) has made all necessary efforts to ensure the safety of participants, students, parents, accompanists, artists, cultural workers . The ADO is committed to respecting the measures intended for the performing arts issued by the Committee on Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST).