Kattam et ses Tam-Tams | Kattam Tam Productions

Monday, March 2, 2020 at 10:00 AM

$15 per person

Service fee and taxes included

Main Venue

6-12 years old

60 minutes

World music. 60  minutes. 6-12 years old.

To the sound of the n'goni, balafon, djembe, naffar, derbouka and dhol, percussionist Kattam invites you to discover Africa, the Middle East and India through rhythm, song and dance! From African rap and desert dance to trance sufi rhythm and Bollywood dance. Accompanied by his monkey, Takoum, Kattam never fails to enrol his audience! An incredible multicultural adventure.


Born in Quebec and Morocco, Kattam Laraki-Côté is no stranger to the Montreal music scene. Active member of the groups Ayrad, Wesli Band or La Mandragone, he collaborated with Marie-Mai, The Lost Fingers and Eric Lapointe, among others. In parallel, the artist is also a teacher and trainer. A busy professional life for this passionate travel and world music whose latest project, Kattam and its Tam-Tams, is attracting more and more positive reactions around the world.