Histoires d'ailes et d'échelles | Sylvie Gosselin (Scolaire)

Monday, October 24, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Elementary school $16 per child

Service fee and taxes included

Plateau de la Grande Salle

4 years old and +

50 minutes

Presented with Casteliers.
Theater.Themes covered: visual arts, poetry, travel
Inspired by the work of painter Paul Klee, Sylvie Gosselin tells children, aged 4 to 104, a story about strength of the imaginary. She invites them on a playful and poetic journey where the moon falls into the water, a dog speaks the accordion and a boy leaves a white dream to discover the land of colors. Using sounds, rhymes, objects and curious characters, viewers learn to see the invisible. An experience that gives you wings!
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Text Sylvie Gosselin from the words of Martin Bellemare, Nathalie Derome, Hélène Mercier, Paul Klee Direction, scenography, costume, props and puppets Sylvie Gosselin Lighting design and lighting props Luc Prairie Francis Rossignol External gazes and great accomplices Nathalie Derome, Jackie Gosselin, Hélène Mercier, Luc Prairie Photos and videos Philippe Marois
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