El Son Sono | Vision Diversité

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 8:00 PM

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petit Outremont

Born in Montreal, El Son Sono is first and foremost a family affair. Élodie and Tito, brother and sister of Peruvian and Quebecois parents, sing a folklore heritage that they have cherished from a very young age.
It is with their father that they have the chance to discover their musical passion and to grow up in Peruvian riches and cultures. From their childhood in Quebec, Élodie and Tito retain French-speaking influences with which they do not hesitate to embellish their creations, as original as they are dancing.
Today, all three accompanied on percussion, will present you different forms of traditional Peruvian music and will take you from one musical universe to another. They give pride of place to stringed instruments and jazzy accents, and lead us with disconcerting ease into an atmosphere that is both folkloric and urban, between Peruvian waltzes, rumba crossing cumbia, festejo and salsa.