Didem Basar – Levantine Rhapsody | Vision Diversité

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 8:00 PM

Regular: $23

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petit Outremont

The result of an artistic residency at the Center for Musicians of the World, “Levantine Rhapsody” is a carte blanche offered to the virtuoso of Turkish origin Didem Basar to create original works for the kanun, a magnificent zither on a body that she has mastered at wonder. For this project, she joined forces with musicians from different backgrounds in a spirit of innovative dialogue. Instrumentalist and composer trained in classical Turkish and Western music, Didem has integrated cellist Noémy Braun, violist Brigitte Dajczer, flutist Guy Pelletier and percussionist Patrick Graham into this project. They form a quintet giving life to original or revisited compositions. Levantine Rhapsody is an invitation to discover a happy marriage between Turkish lekanun, cello strings, flute and the sustained and subtle rhythm of various percussions.
Didem Basar, musical direction, composition and kanun
Noémy Braun, cello
Guy Pelletier, flute
Patrick Graham, percussion
Brigitte Dajczer, viola