Corporation du Théâtre Outremont

Requests for donations and sponsorships
Organizations, groups or individuals wishing to obtain sponsorship assistance from the Corporation du Théâtre Outremont must apply by e-mail to: dir.communication@theatreoutremont.ca.

If you would like to obtain a special rate for your charity event, mention in your application that a rental is involved.

NO FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE IS PROVIDED. We allocate performance tickets only.

The following information must be included:

a. Name of the applicant and title of the event;
b. Description and date of the event;
c. Name and contact details of coordinators;
d. Type of sponsorship assistance requested.

Anyone may apply for a sponsorship from the Corporation du Théâtre Outremont. Priority, however, is given to events of a charitable or cultural nature, or to those designed for the family. Activities held locally in Outremont, or Montreal, will also be given priority.

Only one sponsorship will be granted for a single event or organization, per fiscal year, by the Corporation du Théâtre Outremont.

a. Any project that benefits only one individual, for personal gain.
b. Projects of a promotional, political or religious nature.

The Corporation du Théâtre Outremont shall undertake to reply within two to four weeks to all those sending a duly completed application.