Echoing along the walls of the Théâtre Outremont we hear the timeless voices of Pauline Julien, Félix Leclerc and Diane Dufresne. Those very same walls played host to the monumental Harmonium spectacular “Heptade” for its ten-night-long run. The Théâtre Outremont conjures memories and awakens whispers from the musical creations of Paul Piché, Richard Séguin and Beau Dommage, among so many others that shared in its glory days in the 1970s. It served as a launching pad for a plethora of singers and performers, and renowned asthe destination for repertory cinema throughout the 70s and 80s. The Théâtre Outremont still stands strong, since its inception in 1929, as one of Montreal’s most elegant architectural monuments to bear witness to The Golden Age of Cinema.

Nobody could believe that a chapter in Montreal’s cultural heritage was being laid to rest when, in the late 1980s, the renowned theatre closed its doors to the public for the first time in history. It had been underestimated just how attached Outremont residents had become to their Théâtre. With such strong community ties, coupled with the diligent ambition and contagious enthusiasm of a small group of citizens, in the ’90s the City of Outremont decided to acquire and renovate the renowned theatre… and so it was reborn.

From the official re-opening on March 20th, 2001, the Outremont Borough contracted Équipe Spectra to develop and diversify the theatre’s film, dance, musical and theatrical programming to aptly serve the theatre’s clientele. After a nine-year-long partnership, as of March 2010, both theatre management and programming were then handed over to La Corporation du Théâtre Outremont.

As part of the partnership arrangement between the Outremont Borough Council and the Corporation, the Corporation assumes all theatre operating costs, with the Borough’s financial support contributing to building upkeep and equipment, and providing a special subsidy to mandate the delivery of a cultural program to benefit all citizens.


As a purveyor of culture, the Corporation du Théâtre Outremont’s mission is to advocate its citizens’ active involvement in cultural life. It is to heighten public awareness of artistic and aesthetic endeavors, to appeal to audience sensibilities (youth audience included) and engender a general appreciation and understanding of the arts and of culture.

The Théâtrehence strives to :

As part of the social economy sector, the Corporation is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting and engendering the social, economic and cultural development within its community. By this very definition, its principal goal is to remain faithfully at the public’s service, while the very nature of its mission is to pursue useful community objectives, enhancing the lives of individuals and society at large, for the purpose of community development and job creation.

Eco-responsible commitment

After having obtained the PERFORMANCE level from ICI on recycle + program issued by RECYC-QUEBEC, we are proud to annonce that we now have obtained the Scène Écoresponsable accreditation, SILVER level, from the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables - CQEER- Les Vivats.

Our actions:
?oe... cessation of the distribution of single-use water bottles in the boxes,
offices and on the stage;
?oe... use of water dispensers
?oe... installation of composts in offices, lodges and bar
?oe... characterization of waste