The Borough of Outremont has made a commitment to the Corporation du Théâtre Outremont (a non-profit organization), to generously lend the Théâtre Outremont premises and equipment in order for the Theatre to execute its mandate and deliver its cultural program.

The Borough assumes costs for maintenance and repairs to the building and its structural components, and the upkeep of equipment and other elements, namely alarm, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sprinkler and telecommunications systems, as well as the hot water system, doors, windows and mouldings and assumes all costs related to building operation (electricity, heating, etc.). The Borough is also responsible for snow removal at all building entrances, as well as the passage, roof and public spaces in the vicinity of the building.

The Borough also provides the Corporation with additional support in communications, material and human resources whenever possible. Throughout the duration of the agreement, a subsidy is also provided to allow for a program which centers on diversity and appeals to all audiences, and which specifically caters to schools and school-aged children.